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Gritty  and rock are the key words for the 2018 Spring/Summer collection, merging with a glamorous touch featuring all five themes of the collection:  rocky flower where hippy atmospheres reflect in the floral prints, of Japanese origin, where flowers meet with studs and the fabric mixes with leather; industrial punk, inspired by the 70’s punk style, creating shoes embellished with piercing, studs, geometric clips, laser prints, charms and metal trinkets; organic elegance where lace, crochet and chain stitches are protagonists and give a touch of handcraft and romanticism for an always-trendy retro style; artigianal precision where pieces of the world meet and blend to create overlapping patterns that aim towards a multicultural handcrafted result; athletic hybrid cut where sneakers are animated by starry prints framed by studs, laminated and glossy colors and technical fabrics.

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